Sex and the City 2 (♦♦♦)

  In this second installment, Carrie and the girls go to the “new” Middle East for a much needed vacation. This time they are juggling motherhood, marriage, aging and some of the stuff they never left behind, namely insecurities. Carrie is so insecure in the direction that her marriage with Mr. Big is taking, that she feels inclined to kiss Adrian! She never loved Adrian in first place! What’s that about?! Charlotte has a nanny, better looking and younger than she is, and who wears no bra! When does that happen in real life? Samantha stays true to her original self, except now she is a control freak with aging issues. Miranda and Steve seem more mismatched than ever. If they ever had any chemistry, it is gone by now.
I loved the series and the first movie, but I could have been OK if I hadn’t seen this one.