A Star is Born (♦♦♦♦)

Bad boy rocker John Norman falls in love with club singer Esther Hoffman, and decides to promote her talent, which makes her become a mega-singing sensation. They get married and go to live in isolation in the middle of nowhere, but their relationship soon becomes rocky when her success and his constant troubles threaten to break them apart.

The chemistry between Barbra Streissand and Kris Kristofferson is undeniable. It seems as if they had been having a real life affair at the time. It is always delightful to enjoy Barbra Streissand’s megatalent, though I had the sensation that I was watching Funny Girl all over again. This movie’s ending, as well as the way in which the couple’s relationship spirals downwards is slightly different than in Funny Girl, but the underlying plot is still the same. Good movie, though. I enjoyed it very much!