The Thomas Crown Affair, 1999 (♦♦♦♦♦)

Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan) seemingly has it all: he is a powerful businessman, he is filthy rich, sexy, lives life to its fullest, but he lacks something…A little Monet painting hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of New York, valued in hundreds of millions of dollars. So he sets his sight on getting the thing he covets the most, by stealing it, of course! After the heist, the local police detectives involved in the investigation get unwanted help from a female insurance bounty hunter (Rene Russo) who is Thomas Crown’s match in every way, which turns the case into a very exciting cat and mouse game.
This is easily one of my favorite movies; Brosnan is amazing as Thomas Crown, the sexy billionaire who orchestrates heists on the side. The heist is elegant, smooth even, and Rene Russo is spot on as his sexy lover/nemesis. Oh, if only more movies were as slick as this one!