Snapshots - #42: Thor: Ragnarok, Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, LBJ

Thor: Ragnarok (2017), (♦♦♦♦½): Thor has saved earth twice by now and has, for the last two years, wandered the universe searching for infinity stones. He hasn't found any. He has, however, become prisoner of an enemy of Asgard, Surtur, who tells Thor that his visions of Asgard engulfed in flames is a premonition of Ragnarok—the destruction of Asgard, which is already in motion. Thor frees himself and arrives at home to find Loki sitting on the throne, passing as Odin, and neglecting his duties to protect the Nine Realms. With Odin's exile, Asgard's enemies have been reassembling, but Odin's death may just free Hela, a goddess against whom neither Thor nor Loki are enough.
It was in Thor: The Dark World where Loki, an antagonist, first threatened to steal the show. He became the villain that Marvel fandom loves to hate. While Loki is at his most charming in this film, the director, with the help of a sparkling screenplay, has very much exploited the great chemistry of t…

Due Date, 2010 (♦♦♦♦)

Peter (Robert Downey Jr.), an architect from L.A., has a chance encounter with a stranger at Atlanta airport, and from that point on, he endures hell, for an aspiring actor named Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis) makes sure of that. They both get thrown out of a plane and land in the no-fly list. Peter then has to figure out how to get to L.A. before his pregnant wife gives birth; without his wallet, he finds himself with no credit cards, no ID and no money, so he takes Ethan’s offer to ride with him, since he is going to Hollywood to interview with an acting agent. Little did both know they were in for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

My God, I had so much fun watching this movie. Downey Jr. is hysterical, while Galifianakis is both emotional and crazy at the same time. The combination of both is an explosive cocktail of laughter! The movie’s humor is similar to The Hangover, and the film seems to be directed towards the same audience, which is guys, none of which bothered me in the least. Sonny, Ethan’s dog, fits in the story like another guy; the only thing he didn’t do was talk.

I hope this pair of actors reunites at least once more for another hit. I would surely appreciate it as long as the script delivers a good punch.