Circe by Madeline Miller (♦♦♦♦)

Granddaughter of Oceanus, daughter of Titan Helios and sea nymph Perseid, Circe was different from the start. While her siblings discovered their unique gifts very early on and gained their independence—either by claiming their inheritance, like Perses and Aëstes, or by marriage to a wealthy demigod, like Pasiphäe—, Circe remained among her family in the halls of the gods. Her love for young fisherman Glaucus changed everything. Circe used a potion to transform Glaucus into a worthy suitor. Glaucus, seeing his station changed, fell in love with one Circe’s cousins, a sea nymph named Scylla. Out of jealousy, Circe put a potion on Scylla’s bath and, unintendedly, transformed her into a monster. Circe’s confession forced Helios to go to see Zeus, for witchcraft is something that gods fear can tip the balance of power. Zeus declared an eternal banishment for Circe from the halls of the gods to the island of Aiaia.

Exile was not easy but, as Circe learned, it had its advantages; being away f…

Love and Other Drugs (♦♦♦)

Jamie Randall (Jake Gyllenhaal), a pharmaceutical representative, is given the task of convincing doctors to prescribe Zoloft instead of Prozac. He resorts to underhanded tactics to get his way. In a doctor’s office he meets Maggie Murdock (Anne Hathaway), a twenty-six year-old patient with Parkinson disease. Soon enough, Jamie and Maggie are attracted to each other and start having casual sex fairly often, until…They fall in love. All the while, the pharma company Jamie works for introduces Viagra to the market and the entire medical community goes wild for it, making Jamie a very popular guy.

I thought this movie was OK. The acting was good, but diluted by too much sex and profanity. They should have explored the Parkinson angle further, make characters more human; instead the story seemed rushed. The ending was good, though predictable considering this was a romantic comedy. I liked Jake Gyllenhaal in this role. I thought that Anne Hathaway was much better in Rachel Getting Married, and she accomplished it without getting naked.