Snapshots - #37: It, Breathe, Mark Felt – The Man Who Brought Down the White House

It (2017), (♦♦♦♦): Four inseparable friends in middle school bond with other three newcomers. They all have in common that they are bullied by the same people. Over the course of one summer they'll fend off bullies and face a centuries-old demon in the form of a clown, named Pennywise, whom has been disappearing kids and terrorizing the town of Derry, Maine, every twenty-seven years since the town was founded.
Based on Stephen King's novel of the same title, It is a movie with a smart script and a sympathetic ensemble of nerds that deliver light humor, and deep thrills. It doesn't hurt that each and every character has his or her own arc, thus one gets to know their motivations and fears before Pennywise enters head on into the picture.
In a nod to 1980s movie classics such as The Goonies, and the Brat Pack ensemble, the newest adaptation of It takes place at the end of that decade, when it seems, at least from the Hollywood perspective, that every kid harbored a genius insi…

Water for Elephants - Trailer

The excitement is mounting up for the release of the motion picture Water for Elephants. I must say I am part of that excited mass. I just hope that the film remains true to the book not only in the plot but in spirit.

I read Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen several years ago, and it became one of my all-time favorite books. In the story, Mr. Jankowski, now a senior living in a senior home, narrates to his nurse how he dropped out from college, and joined the Benzini Brothers Circus as a veterinarian, and how he fell in love with Marlena and Rosie, the elephant. The book was sometimes funny and at other times dramatic, and that’s what I mean when I say that I hope the true spirit of the book doesn’t get lost in the film. Mr. Jankowski as a senior plays as big a part in the book as does his younger counterpart.

I have some misgivings about the casting of Robert Pattinson as the young Jankowski. I would have preferred Tobey Maguire or Jake Gyllenhaal, but these two are too old to play the part considering Jankoski was college aged. Don’t get me wrong, I like Robert Pattinson in the Twilight Saga, but this story is pure drama meant for a wider audience.

I just hope the film becomes a success, in the name of the fantastic book it is based on.