The Fabulous Baker Boys (♦♦♦♦)

Jack (Jeff Bridges, True Grit) and Frank Baker (Beau Bridges, The Good German) are a piano duo that has been playing small gigs for 15 years until their business begins to dwindle and they decide to hire a singer. They choose Susie Diamonds (Michelle Pfeiffer, White Oleander), a beautiful, former call girl with a smoky voice. From Susie’s hiring, the gigs start coming non-stop, but the growing attraction between Jack and Susie causes sparks to fly between the Baker brothers, which end up threatening their business relationship.

I really liked this movie. Michelle Pfeiffer’s singing impressed me; I liked her sultry voice. The acting was superb by Jeff, Beau Bridges and Pfeiffer. The lines were at times razor sharp, nonetheless funny. I laughed out loud in several occasions, particularly between the fights between both brothers.

Anytime is good to enjoy this movie.


  1. Great review. Susie Diamond is Forever!

    1. Thanks.
      I agree, Michelle Pfeiffer lit up the screen in this one as she usually does.


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