The Shadow of your Smile by Mary Higgins Clark (♦♦♦)

Olivia Morrow has only two weeks to live, so she has to decide whether to tell Dr. Monica Farrell, a woman she’s never met, who her real grandparents were. Monica’s grandmother, Catherine Kurner, was a nun, now in the midst of a beatification process by the Catholic Church. Alex Gannon, Monica’s grandfather, was a world-known doctor whose patents made he and his brother’s family rich. Dr. Gannon’s will provided that his money would go to his descendant, if there were any, but none became known during his lifetime. Now, the fact that Monica may claim what is rightfully hers has some people in the Gannon foundation very nervous, so much so that they’re willing to commit murder to prevent that from happening.

I thought this book was good, but somewhat predictable. Several years ago I read a book by the same author titled Daddy’s Little Girl and it shook me to the core. This one is not so; the plot drags somehow. The emerging love story refreshes the otherwise grim pace.

Very forgettable story, not the best this author can offer.