Glory Road (♦♦♦♦♦)

Don Haskins (Josh Lucas, Sweet Home Alabama), the coach of a high school female basketball team, is offered a job as the coach of a college male basketball team in El Paso, Texas in the 1960s. With little money to spare for recruiting, he convinces the president of the college that more scholarships are needed to attract new players, while the assistant coach travels the country to bring onboard the best players they can find anywhere, even in the street courts. The only problem is that the new faces, most of them men of color, have to contend with the racial prejudices prevalent in the era and must learn a lesson about trust, discipline and courage while giving a lesson to the masses about racial understanding and greatness regardless of skin color.

Jon Voight (Mission Impossible), Derek Luke (Antwone Fisher) and Emily Deschanel (Bones) co-star.

This movie is one big rush of adrenaline from start to finish. There are many films with the same topic but this one excels for the tension it delivers and for the good acting of its entire cast. The interviews with actual members of both teams and with both coaches, Don Haskins and Adolph Rupp, as the closing credits begin to roll, is a special treat.

Not to be missed!