Mozart’s Sister (Nannerl, la soeur de Mozart) (♦♦♦♦)

Nannerl (Marie Féret), Mozart’s fourteen year-old sister, lives in her famous younger brother’s shadow because she is a girl. She too possesses innate musical talent. Despite the love that keeps the family together, Nannerl resents the devotion that her father, Leopold, reserves for the younger sibling. In Wolfgang (David Moreau), Leopold (Marc Barbé) sees his own dreams of fame likely to come true.

While touring with her family, her carriage breaks an axle and they’re forced to stop at a convent where luckily they meet three of France’s King Louis XV’s daughters. One of the girls, Louise, takes an instant liking for Nannerl, making her a confidant.

Louise and Nannerl’s friendship soon extends to France’s dauphin, Louis, who is mourning for the death of his wife at childbirth. Nannerl and Louis form an unlikely bond based on their mutual liking of classical music. Soon enough, Nannerl comes to the realization that she can make a living on her own teaching music and composing for wealthy patrons, but reality intrudes when her platonic affair with the dauphin is interrupted by Louis’ engagement.

This French movie is a work of art. It is wonderfully acted and full of emotions as only great art can elicit. Mozart’s performance is overshadowed by Nannerl and her parents’, but it is after all Nannerl’s life story. The musical score is fantastic, and so is the European setting of the movie.

Wonderful and delicate film!