Breaking Dawn – Part I (♦♦♦♦)

In this installment of the Twilight Saga, Bella and Edward celebrate their nuptials on the Cullens’ estate. The well-kept secret honeymoon spot is an island off Rio de Janeiro’s coast. There, under the moonlight, Bella and Edward consummate their love. Fourteen days into the honeymoon, Bella finds out she is pregnant, but…Surprise, the baby, or whatever is growing in her belly, is killing her.

In an effort to save Bella, the lovers fly back to Forks to be under Carlisle’s care. Unfortunately, the baby is stronger than Bella and she is adamant about having him/her. Edward doesn’t want anything to do with the baby if Bella dies, but listening to the baby’s thoughts makes him realize that he/she has goodness in him/her.

Meanwhile, Sam and his pack of werewolves are determined to kill Bella and her baby, which prompts Jacob to defect from the pack accompanied by Seth and Leah. Jacob swears to protect Bella and joins the Cullens in their effort to do the same.

Special attention was devoted to the wedding details: Bella’s dress (sewn by a famous designer), the forest setting with wisteria trees in full bloom, the works…The sex scenes were carefully shot since they wanted to maintain a PG-13 rating; however more wasn’t needed considering their simmering desire for each other from the beginning.

I found the special effects more noteworthy than in the previous films of the saga, particularly with Bella’s appearance during her pregnancy; she looked sleep deprived, anorexic…She really seemed like she was dying. The tension in this movie was also higher than in previous films bearing in mind that Bella’s life was at stake.

Overall, beautiful costumes, high tension and a big surprise in the end make this movie worthwhile.