Circe by Madeline Miller (♦♦♦♦)

Granddaughter of Oceanus, daughter of Titan Helios and sea nymph Perseid, Circe was different from the start. While her siblings discovered their unique gifts very early on and gained their independence—either by claiming their inheritance, like Perses and Aëstes, or by marriage to a wealthy demigod, like Pasiphäe—, Circe remained among her family in the halls of the gods. Her love for young fisherman Glaucus changed everything. Circe used a potion to transform Glaucus into a worthy suitor. Glaucus, seeing his station changed, fell in love with one Circe’s cousins, a sea nymph named Scylla. Out of jealousy, Circe put a potion on Scylla’s bath and, unintendedly, transformed her into a monster. Circe’s confession forced Helios to go to see Zeus, for witchcraft is something that gods fear can tip the balance of power. Zeus declared an eternal banishment for Circe from the halls of the gods to the island of Aiaia.

Exile was not easy but, as Circe learned, it had its advantages; being away f…

The Vow (♦♦♦)

Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) are married and very much in love, but an accident on a snowy night robs Paige of the precious memories she has created with her husband. Instead, Paige remembers everything about her life with her biological family, prompting her husband of four years to romance her again. The problem is she may not be ready for the life they used to share.

Some critics have expressed this film is a romantic classic; in my opinion, it is not. Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are both beautiful people, but together they lack the chemistry that made Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling instant hits in The Notebook. Half the time Tatum seems to be rushing his lines, anxious perhaps to transmit to the audience the emotions he is supposed to convey, but he never gets there. Rachel McAdams, on the other hand, takes her job seriously but she looks lost without a convincing male lead.

Channing Tatum belongs in action movies while McAdams needs a strong male counterpart, if not convinced remember Morning Glory.

Lax acting aside, the photography is beautiful showcasing breathtaking aerial views of downtown Chicago.