Mirror Mirror (2012) (♦♦♦♦)

Snow White lives in a castle with her stepmother the queen, but on her eighteenth birthday Snow crashes a queen’s party in the palace and instead she gets a glimpse of the queen’s ill feelings towards her.

During an incursion to the Dark Forest, which is inhabited by “giants” and a beast, Snow gets to save two gentlemen who have been tied together (half naked) by rogues. Little does Snow know that one of the gentlemen she helped is a prince.

Snow and Prince Alcott meet again that night at the palace during a dance ball. They fall for each other, but the queen--threatened by Snow’s beauty and her possible, rightful claim to the throne-- banishes Snow from the palace and sends her loyal servant Brighton to kill Snow and bring back proof of her death. As you may expect, Brighton doesn’t kill Snow, instead he sets her free in the forest. Snow is rescued by seven dwarves-thieves and her adventures begin.

I really loved this movie. It pokes fun at aging (gracefully or otherwise), at beauty, at people who have married multiple times, at suffering… The humor, however, is oriented towards adults.

Julia Roberts is stellar as the wicked queen, Lilly Collins is the perfect embodiment of Snow White and Armie Hammer is enchanting as Prince Alcott. Nathan Lane is funny as Brighton, the queen’s loyal servant, and the “giant dwarves” are simply adorable.

The costumes are bright, colorful and lavish. The parties are grand and so are the scenarios.

In summary, Snow White is a fun, lush and just plain cute movie for the whole family.