Chimpanzee (♦♦♦♦)

Oscar is a little chimpanzee learning the ways of the jungle under his mother’s guidance, but a rival gang, led by an alpha old chimp named Scar, kills Oscar’s mother and forces the defeated forces to scatter. Since Oscar is a baby, he has no chance of survival on his own and most mothers in his pack are already busy tending their own youngsters. Fortunately for Oscar, he forges an unlikely bond with Freddy, the alpha male in Oscar’s pack, who ends up adopting the infant.

Without the clues provided in the trailer it’s hard to anticipate Oscar’s fate after his mother’s death, but this movie ends up having a Disney-esque ending. The film documents the journey of a gang of chimps and their numerous and unfortunate encounters with a rival gang competing for food sources and territory.

The story becomes sad when Oscar becomes an orphan, dramatic during gangs showdowns and tender when Freddy becomes a softie and adopts baby Oscar.

Overall, this little film is a triumph that can delight the whole family.