People Like Us (♦♦♦♦♦)

What happens when a married man has two families at the same time? Sam Harper’s estranged dad, Jerry, dies of cancer and leaves Sam his shaving kit full of $100 bills amounting to $150,000 to be given to Josh Davis, with the petition to “take care of them.”

Sam goes to the address his father provided and finds a young woman who he immediately suspects was his father’s mistress but who turns out to be a sister he didn’t know he had. Sam befriends Frankie and her son Josh without telling them they’re family, but what will Frankie do when she finds out the truth?

This movie is the best of the year thus far. I loved it! It made me cry so deeply. It is extremely well acted, free of profanity and the story will steal your heart.

People Like Us is touching and heartwarming. It explores themes of family dynamics: marital betrayal and trust and the emotional toll of having two families at the same time. The plot is original and very well developed. People Like Us has a robust screenplay and the actors make the most of it with fantastic results.

Chris Pine (Sam Harper), Elizabeth Banks (Frankie Davis), Olivia Wilde (Hannah), Michelle Pfeiffer (Lillian Harper) and Michael Hall D’Addario (Josh Davis) all deliver searing performances.

Overall, People Like Us is the best movie of this year thus far. This film is a winner!