El Alquimista (The Alchemist) by Paulo Coelho (♦♦♦♦)

A young shepherd from Andalucía, Spain, has a twice-recurring dream. He dreams that he travels to the Pyramids of Egypt where a treasure is supposedly waiting for him. A gypsy confirms that he should go to Egypt. An encounter with a centuries-old king puts him on the path of realizing his dreams, but as you can guess, it is anything but easy.

The first time I read El Alquimista my reaction was wow! What a book! Every time I needed to know there’s magic in life I picked up the book and read it again. This time I didn’t feel the same way, but I assigned the rating for old time’s sake.

El Alquimista (The Alchemist) is a very easy read; I read it last night in a few hours. It is a profoundly beautiful reflection on the mission of each and every being on Earth. It is a philosophical story that it’s anything but preachy. Great storytelling and the roundness quality of its ending, a-la classical myths, make this book a contemporary classic.