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The Life Before her Eyes by Laura Kasischke (♦♦♦♦)

Teenagers Diana and Maureen are in the girls-room--at Briar Hill High School—combing their hairs, looking in the mirror and sharing secrets, when Michael Patrick, a classmate, enters the room and points a weapon at them. In an instant he makes them chose which one of them he should kill.
Fast forward twenty years and Diana has everything she could have hoped for: a loving family, the perfect house and a part-time job teaching art at the local community college. Everything is perfect, or is it? Suddenly small events begin to disrupt Diana’s apparent happiness and in the end she faces a situation that puts her again in a life or death path.
I really liked this book. It is easy to read, the story flows despite the topic. It is beautifully written and even routine day to day events seem transcendent due to the lyricism of the prose. The event that opens the book is shocking enough as it is without having to imagine it. By now, unfortunately, it has become a common occurrence in schools all …