Man of Steel (♦♦♦)

Jor-el (Russell Crowe) and Lara (Ayelet Zurer) have had a baby boy in dying planet Krypton. They name him Kal-el; this baby is the result of the only natural birth to have taken place in Krypton in more than a century, so naturally his parents have great hopes for him.

An insurrection brings General Zod (Michael Shannon) to power. Zod agrees with Jor-el in that the Krypton Council is doing nothing to stop the planet from dying, but disagrees in that stealing the codex from the planet and sending away Kal-el as a beacon of hope is the answer. Jor-el is killed in a fight with Zod, but that doesn’t prevent Lara from sending Kal-el away aboard a spaceship.

Zod’s insurrection is defeated and the general and his followers are sentenced to wander frozen in space. Unfortunately, Krypton’s destruction frees them and they end up on Earth; now they want to claim back Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), who is actually Kal-el, and obtain the codex. The catch is Zod and followers are going to cause mayhem on Earth if Kal-el is not released.

Meanwhile, Daily Planet’s beautiful, stellar reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams) knows the real identity of Clark and refuses to surrender her information. Lois forms a bond with Clark that ends up becoming something more.

I watched the first two Superman movies with Christopher Reeve and must say that in spite of Henry Cavill filling the suit very well, he doesn’t have the charisma or the larger-than-life iconic presence of Christopher Reeve.

Man of Steel’s running time is 143 minutes and it feels longer, way longer. This film’s plot can be summarized as Superman vs. aliens. Bringing aboard Christopher Nolan certainly didn’t help. If Nolan’s Batman trilogy was a stroke of creative genius, Man of Steel feels heavy, forced, pretentious…It bored me senseless and if I didn’t walk out of the theater was because I refused to allow my money go to waste today.

There are too many explosions, fights, aliens who refuse to die and then die way too easily at the end. That’s the reason I’ve come to avoid sci-fi genre and Man of Steel certainly looks more like a sci-fi overblown-budget-production than a superhero fantasy. In that respect it reminded me a great deal of Avengers, and that’s no compliment.

Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane co-star.

In summary, if you like to watch explosions for the sake of them, this movie is for you. If you like artsy, award-winning movies, stay away from this one.


  1. I agree with your review entirely. Too long, too much destruction over and over. I did think Amy Adams was great as Lois Lane though. Funny thing: When Superman shows up at his mom's in his Superman suit for the first time, I blurted out, right in the theater, "Nice suit, son." Then his mom said exactly that! Everyone around me laughed. And how about all those scenes that looked so much like 9/11? I just thought that was so tasteless. Then I realized that the target audience, teenage boys, were either toddlers or not even born when 9/11 happened. Now that is a weird thought.

  2. I guess the joke was on me because I was aware of bad reviews before I went to watch the movie. It seems I ended up agreeing with the critics.
    I remember the scenes reminiscent of 9/11 that you mention and I told myself, are you kidding me?! You're right, it was tasteless.


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