The Night Is Forever by Heather Graham (♦♦♦♦)

On the hills of Tennessee, outside Nashville, lies the Horse Farm, a farm devoted to healing of afflicted people through equine therapy. The farm owner, Marcus Danby, dies of an apparent self-inflicted drug overdose in a ravine near the farm. Olivia “Liv” Gordon, a farm therapist and Marcus’ friend, discovers the body. With sunset quickly approaching, Liv sees the ghost in the sky of General Rufus Cunnigham, a Confederate general during the Civil War, riding his horse Loki, apparently watching over her.

Olivia contacts Malachi Gordon, her cousin and an agent with the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters, to question Marcus’ official cause of death by telling him that Marcus’ ghost appeared to her and told her he had been murdered. Malachi promises to send an agent undercover to investigate.
Enter agent Dustin Blake, in his first assignment with the Krewe of Hunters. Within days of his arrival there is an attempt on the life of the farm’s director—attempt disguised as an accident. When the director is discharged from the hospital, he dies of another apparent “accident” while supposedly alone at home.

With two deaths, fewer clues, and a cunning killer on the loose, it is obvious to Dustin that Olivia may be the next target. The reputation of the farm is in shambles and the risk of closing forever is imminent. With Olivia in the sight of the killer, Dustin knows he may have to die to protect her if it comes to that, now that they’re involved and falling quickly in love.

I really liked The Night Is Forever by Heather Graham. This is the second book in the trilogy of the night involving the Krewe of Hunters that I read after The Night Is Watching. I would like to read The Night Is Alive as well. I have also read by Heather Graham and reviewed Ghost Shadow, Ghost Walk, and When Darkness Falls (Alliance Vampires series).

As I said, I liked this book. I suspected the identity of the killer from early on but there was enough misdirection to confuse me for a while, so no damage done. The plot was intricate and the history involving the Battle of Nashville and other battles from the Civil War on Tennessee soil were fascinating and absorbing. It was a great touch on Graham’s part to include a ghost hero and the history surrounding him. The other two ghosts were interesting as well, though they didn’t have much to contribute to the investigation and I found that so frustrating.

The romance was, as always in Graham’s books, scorching hot, and nicely described as well, no intricate details, just the chemistry and the basics to get the meaning. All the characters were very well developed, and I cared for their fates, some more than others.

In summary, The Night Is Forever by Heather Graham was a quick read. Historical details make it absorbing and fascinating.


  1. Great review!! I am now interested in reading this novel. It sounds fascinating and one I would certainly enjoy. Thank you for telling me about your review.


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