Diana (♦♦♦♦)

Diana chronicles the last three years of Princess Diana's life, starting with her separation from Prince Charles, and her subsequent struggle to find love in the arms of Pakistani cardiovascular surgeon Hastan Khan, followed by her outings and untimely death with Dodi Fayed.

I enjoyed this movie very much though it was an emotional watching experience as I, like any other person in the planet, was infatuated with Diana. In fact, I felt her loss as that of a family member. I remember hearing the news as if it were yesterday...I am glad to know that she finally found true love even if it wasn't meant to be.

Naomi Watts, in the title role, is Diana's deadringer in profile, and the movie director made good use of that, though in my view not enough. Watts adeptly mimicked Diana's mannerisms, though she seemed at times fierier than her famous subject. I thought that Dr. Khan (Naveen Andrews) came across as a fascinating, vibrant but also a very conflicted individual.

Diana is, at heart, a love story, but watching the movie one can't help but feel complicit about her unhappiness and the continuous siege of the starving paparazzi.

Great performances and subject make this movie a must watch.


  1. I'd completely forgot about this film. I am glad you enjoyed it. I'd be interested in watching this too.

    1. This one is very good, Jessica, and it's an adaptation. I was pleasantly surprised.


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