The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them (♦♦♦♦)

Some of the details that worked well in the individual stories are lost in this film but this is after all the whole story. After watching both Eleanor's and Conor's versions this one feels redundant, and it is, but if someone had time to watch only one movie, then this is the one to see. Doesn't give the whole picture, just broad brushstrokes, but the main elements--the loss of the baby, Eleanor needing time away from her marriage to figure things out, the closing of Conor's restaurant/bar and both Eleanor and Conor's realization that they still love each other--are still present in the together version. 

Jessica Chastain (Eleanor Rigby), James McAvoy (Conor Ludlow, Eleanor's husband), Viola Davis (Professor Lillian Friedman), William Hurt (Julian, Eleanor's father), Isabelle Huppert (Mary, Eleanor's mother), Bill Hader (Stuart, Conor's best friend), Ciarán Hinds (Spencer Ludlow, Conor's father)