11 Great Doctor Strange Passages

[The Ancient One]: “Who are you in this vast multiverse, Mr. Strange?”

[Mordo]: “Bathe, rest, Meditate, if you can. The Ancient One will send for you.”
(Handing out to Strange a piece of paper with a word written on it …)
[Strange]: “Oh, what’s this? My mantra?”
[Mordo]: “The Wi-Fi password. We are not savages.”

[The Ancient One]: “We harness energy drawn from other dimensions of the Multiverse to cast spells, to conjure shields and weapons…to make magic.”

[The Ancient One]: “How did you get to reattach severed nerves and put a human spine back together bone by bone?”
[Strange]: “Study and practice, years of it.”

[Wong]: “Mr. Strange.”
[Strange]: “Uh, Stephen, please. And you are?”
[Wong]: “Wong.”
[Strange]: “Just Wong? Like Adele? Or Aristotle…Drake…Bono…E-mi-nem.”

            (Pointing to books on shelves…)
 [Strange]: “What are those?”
 [Wong]: “The Ancient One’s private collection.”
[Strange]: “So they’re forbidden?”
[Wong]: “No knowledge in Kamar-Taj is forbidden; only certain practices. Those books are far too advanced for anyone other than the Sorcerer Supreme.”
[Strange]: “This one’s got pages missing.”
[Wong]: “That’s the Book of Cagliostro. A study of time. One of the rituals was stolen by a former master. The Zealot Kaecilius. Just after he strung up the former librarian and relieved him of his head.”
 “I am now the guardian of these books. So if a volume from this collection should be stolen again…I’d know it…and you’d be dead before you ever left the compound.”
[Strange]: “What if it’s just overdue, you know? Any late fees I should know about? Maiming, perhaps?”
                    “Thank you for the books…and for the horrifying story…and for the threat upon my life.”

[Mordo to Strange]: “Fight like your life depended on it…Because one day…it may.”

[Kaecilius]: “How long have you been at Kamar-Taj, Mister…?”
[Strange]: “Doctor.”
[Kaecilius]: “Mister Doctor?”
[Strange]: “It’s Strange.”
[Kaecilius]: “Maybe. Who am I to judge?”

[Kaecilius to Strange]: “What was it that brought you to Kamar-Taj, doctor? Was it enlightenment? Power? You came to be healed as did we all. Kamar-Taj is a place that collects broken things. We all come with the promise of being healed and instead The Ancient One gives us parlor tricks…The real magic she keeps for herself. Do you ever wonder how she managed to live this long?”

[Christine]: “What the hell is happening? Where have you been?”
[Strange]: “Well, after Western medicine failed me I headed east and ended up in Kathmandu.”
[Christine]: “Kathmandu?”
[Strange]: “Yeah.”
[Christine]: “Like the Bob Seger song?”
[Strange]: “Yeah. 1975, Beautiful Loser. Side A. Yeah.”
                   “I went to a place called Kamar-Taj and talked to someone called The Ancient One.”
[Christine]: “Oh, so you joined a cult.”
[Strange]: “No, I didn’t. No, not exactly. No. They did teach me to tap into powers that I ever never knew existed…”
[Christine]: “Yeah. That sounds like a cult.”
[Strange]: “It’s not a cult.”
[Christine]: “Well. That’s what a cultist would say.”

[Strange]: “Yeah, you know, you really should have stolen the whole book because the warnings…The warnings come after the spells.”


  1. I agree #2 & #8 made me laugh. Cumberbatch must be fun in this role!

    1. He is. You should watch it; I think you will like it.


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