Review Policy

Except otherwise stated, I buy books with my own money—from sources such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble—thus, I decide what to review based on my own likes. That is also the case with movies.

I have joined Netgalley. So far I like the experience and I am giving myself a chance to discover new authors as well as read advance copies from established authors whose works I admire.

Authors may request reviews but will be accepted on a case by case basis. You can contact me at:

In books I like historical fiction, political fiction and espionage, general literary fiction, women fiction, and science (fiction and nonfiction alike). I also enjoy paranormal romance, books on history of art, mysteries, and murder mysteries as long as they're not too gruesome. I also read nonfiction on history, politics, art, theology, the Catholic Church, and science.

I like artsy movies (the type that win awards), Indies and mainstream. Heavy duty dramas are my favorite. I also enjoy good-taste comedies, romantic comedies, thrillers, action, superhero movies, action sci-fi, and musicals.

Rating Equivalence:

♦♦♦♦♦ = Loved it; Wow

♦♦♦♦ = Really Liked it

♦♦♦ = Liked it; It’s OK but no fireworks

♦♦ = Didn’t Like it

♦ = Hated it